Tips for maximising your events exposure

Want to get the maximum exposure from posting your posting news about your Canberra event? Then follow these easy guidelines:

  • Use the featured image widget: Events that include relevant photos get  more attention from online users. The dimensions for the featured image is 672 × 372 pixels.
  • Write an image description: Images with titles and descriptions  generate more exposure for search engines. (This also helps people  with disabilities figure out what’s the image content about).
  • Use relevant tags: So people can easily find your event by searching  tags such as “festival,” “book fair,” or “live music” etc.
  • File your event under a proper event category: This is another way  that helps visitors find your event.
  • Keep it short and simple: this makes your post more accessible.
  • Use event expiration date: You don’t want to disappoint people by  reading about events that has already ended.
  • Don’t forget the address fields: Fill in both address fields and  google map filed to help people (Specially mobile users) to find your  event.

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