Help / FAQ

1- I’ve posted my event, why it’s not visible on homepage?

Events posted on DailyCapital are moderated by us. We check new posts regularly for missing tags, incomplete field or other  issues and then publish them. If we have a problem that need your help, we will ask you by email.

2- What is the size of the event’s featured image in pixels? 

The dimensions for the featured image is 672 × 372 pixels. Since the process is automated, some clipping is inevitable.

3- I don’t want my event to be visible after a certain date, what should I do?

1- When adding a new post, look for a box that’s titled “Post Expirator”. (it’s in the rightmost column of the page)
2- Check the box “Enable Post Expiration”, if it is’s not already.
3- Enter your event expiration date
4-Under the drop-down menu that’s labeled “How to expire”, choose “private”.

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